Rensa is an original character in the fanon series Avatar: Energy Saga. She is one of the New Air Nomads Aang granted airbending abilities to by using energybending. Not much about her early background before she became an airbender is known. She eventually became a master and a member of the newly-restored Council of Elders.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Rensa was born in 39 ASC as a non-bender in one of the three remaining nations during the former half of the Hundred Years War. She never married - and lived by herself most of the time. In the midst of the strife present in the world in the first six decades of her life, Rensa was fortunate and lucky enough to maintain a stable and comfortable lifestyle. She did not take her circumstances for granted and spent her later days caring for orphans and nursing displaced refugees in the Earth Kingdom. Shortly after her sixty-first birthday, Rensa heard the news that Avatar Aang had defeated Fire Lord Ozai and ended the war.

Joining the Air Nomads Edit

When Avatar Aang started uing energybending to give airbending to people and revive the Air Nomad society, Rensa decided that it was her new calling to follow this path. She traveled to the Southern Air Temple to be considered for learning airbending and becoming Air Nomads. In the beginning, her fellow classmates were skeptical, since Rensa was far older than most of the new inductees and had no real fighting experience. Nevertheless, Rensa surpassed all expectations and soon began performing as though she were an airbending master for years. She found the simplicity and peaceful nature of the Air Nomad lifestyle agreeable and was always willing to lend a hand to others Aang had given airbending ability to.

Council of Elders Edit

In the new Air Nomads created by Aang, advancement was based on merit and not age or seniority. As people were given their abilities through energybending, they all started at different ages. Rensa was one of the better students of Avatar Aang, though she was not quite at the level of Trinley, Icarus or Nola. Aang invited her to join the restored Council of Elders at the Southern Air Temple and served alongside Trinley, Feng Qu, Nola and Shao. Rensa was happy to accept the position, as she wanted to help out in any way she could. The Council of Elders frequently gave reports to Aang on the progress of their civilization.

Lost Sky Bison Edit

In time, Rensa heard something of a lost breed of sky bison who went missing before the Hundred Year War and took an interest in the rumor.

Personality Edit

Rensa is a kind, caring old lady - sometimes nicknamed the "grandmother of the Air Nomads]]." She volunteered to help Avatar Aang instruct new initiates when she herself became a master a patient, organized teacher. Rensa manages to keep a positive outlook under most circumstances and prefers to see the good side in people. Template:Author Template:AESCharacters